Oyama Koi Farm

For the Uk Azuakri Project 2018 Oyama has selected some beuatiful koi !

Oyama Koi Farm






Hirokazu Oyama

Father Shirou Oyama has transferred his knowledge to his son Hirokazu Oyama and now the next generation Oyama is also working in the koi farm.There are 21 mudponds for the propagation and 7 mudponds for the nisai. Due to the mild climate in Hiroshima, there is a relatively long growing season for the koi in the mud ponds.






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Oyama Koi Farm






The varieties

Breeder Oyama is known for its high quality showa. The carefully chosen bloodlines inherited strong growth; they reach an average growth of 80 cm in about 4 years. Oyama is also good at growing smaller numbers, but high quality varieties such as Kaede and Kumonryu.






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