Marujyu Koi Farm

Marujyu Koi Farm is located in Mushigame, in the Yamakoshi-mountains of the  Niigata area.

Marujyu Koi Farm







Gebroeders Tanaka

The Marujyu Koi Farm was totally destroyed by the massive earthquake in 2004. At the time of the earthquake, a lot of koi and important bloodlines were lost. The building of the koi farm became the life goal of the three Tanaka brothers from that time. A few parents who survived, formed the basis of new bloodlines.









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Marujyu Koi Farm







Tancho Kuhaku

The breeding of good Tancho kuhaku specimens is the result of the great knowledge and expertise of the breeders' family.In addition, the mud ponds are of special quality. Witness the high quality koi that are grown here. The three brothers each have their own task within the company. But the parents of the tree brothers are still closely involved with the koi farm and work with them on a daily basis. Shigeyoshi travels around the world to judge at koi shows. For the Azuakri Project he comes specially to the UK !







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