Kawakami Koi Farm

Kawakami Koi Farm is situated in the  Niigata area. The breeder has got 30 mudponds.

Kawakami Koi Farm







Takashi Kawakami

In the beginning period the koi farm was located next to Oijya train station and from there all koi to dealers were transported all over Japan. 90% of the koi is now being exported. The key to success is to take the daily care of koi seriously. This is the highest priority of the brothers Takashi and Koji Kawakami!









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Kawakami Koi Farm








The breeder tries to do everything possible to get colorful, clean patterns at nisai and tosai. In other words, young and beautiful koi! The goshiki, which originated from a cross between asai and kohaku, is characterized by the gray base color and a red pattern. When the red remains free of sumi, the intensity of the hi is emphasized.








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