If you want more inforamtion about the Azukari Proejct, please contact us. On friday evening, 11th  May Shigeyoshi Tanaka will visit The Hub at Cambourne, Cambridgeshire (in co-orparation with Gary Clarke of Echigo Koi Import) for this unique event. The presentation wil start at 8 pm.


Do do have quaestors about the UK Azukari Project 2018 ? Please contact us by email or phone.

UK Azukari Project 2018

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Do you have questions about the UK Azukari Project 2018 ? Please send us an email.

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Visit the mudpond

Visit to the mudpond of the Azukari Project Sometimes cow lovers are so impatient that they want to visit the mudpond, with the Koi of the Azukari Project in Japan ...One can then attend the ikeage and enjoy it at the edge of the mudpond. We also visit other breeder in the Niigata area. Curious about the possibilities? Please send us a email.






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